Joseph Chotard

Joseph Chotard Picture in Egypt

Joseph Chotard

    Hello, I’m Joseph, a half French half British 16-year-old high school / lycée student living just outside Paris. I’m extremely keen to study computer science and more specifically artificial intelligence at university in the UK as my biggest passion is programming.

    As well as programming, I’m also really interested in politics and debating: I love trying to convince people of my point of view. I’m also into theatre and am not daunted by large audiences (most of the time).

    I swim, run and talk a lot, except when I’m swimming as I usually end up with water in my mouth. Because my mum is English and my dad is French I tend to speak a mixture of both with my 14-year-old old brother and my friends. I also speak relatively good Spanish as I’ve spent many summers in Spain.

    Because of all of this my dream job would be to talk about artificial intelligence while being able to fight for my convictions on a large international scale.

    I lived in Japan for five years but I have now forgotten most of the Japanese I learnt. However, that experience has given me a long lasting love of Japan and of course its food! Here’s a great looking bowl of katsudon!


Not wanting to sound like The Catcher In the Rye, I have a strong dislike for phonies and people who pretend to be something they aren’t. I also dislike people who are constantly criticising others for taking initiatives. But overall, the thing I dislike the most is definitely celery: give me a criticising phoney over a stick of celery any day!

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