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RCAP Manager, a new Android app

Do you know the RCAP? If you don’t, you soon will!

The RCAP is a football club based in Sèvres, France.  We’ve known them since they started playing and wanted to make a game with them.

So here at Gamepickle, we started  working on a brand new project, RCAP Manager.

What is RCAP Manager?

In this game, you will be the new president of the RCAP football club and you will take the club from a small local club to a  world-class team, competing against only the greatest!

Of course, we aren’t experts in football, so we decided to make our game different than “normal” football management games.

In RCAP Manager, the new president, AKA you, will have to interact with your players, your fans, as well as the media to try to improve your club’s reputation, and still have enough money coming in to pay your players and the staff.

We are still in an early phase of the project, so feel free to give us any suggestions on our Facebook page or in the comments!


When will you be able to play?

We don’t know yet, but look out for new posts! Early versions of the game will be available on the website as soon as they come out, so subscribe to our email list to get notified about updates!


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What now?

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