GameMaker Studio 2

A student’s view on GameMaker Studio 2

GM?Do you know that feeling when you buy a product, only to realize that you don’t actually need it? I certainly do, and I want you to help you to avoid making that mistake by writing this review of GameMaker Studio 2 (GM2).

After having used GameMaker Studio (GM) for about 6 months and having tested GM2 for a month I would like to share my thoughts and my comments on it.

What is GameMaker Studio 2?


GameMaker Studio 2 is a game engine developed by YoYo Games. Its’ previous versions include GameMaker Studio and GameMaker. It allows you to focus on the creation of your game and handles all of the annoying things like compiling and exporting. GM2 is an engine for Indies and prototyping, but not for making professional games like YoYo Games says.


What I like about GameMaker Studio 2


  • GM2 like GM allows you to export to lots of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Web, Android or iOS easily. The little downside is that each module costs a few hundred dollars.
  • GM2 is extremely easy to learn. It took me about two days to understand GM2 (I already knew GM though 🙂 ). This is a major advantage for people wishing to start developing games straight away.
  • It is very easy to make games in GM2: you can create a working prototype in a few days. And a complete game in a month!
  • GML: the integrated scripting language is also a great feature. It is easy to learn and is optimised for GM2.


What I don’t like about GameMaker Studio 2


  • I know I just said that I liked GML, but I think that YoYo Games really should add support for other languages such as C, java or Python.
  • It’s ugly. I can tell that YoYo Games tried to make a modern design but I think that it is overly complicated compared to what it actually does.


If you come up with other positive or negative aspects, please share your opinion in the comment section.

How much does it cost?


Buy GameMaker Studio 2 here for 100$ and  60$ if you own GameMaker Studio Pro. Currently, only the Windows, Mac and Ubuntu exports are available.

What now?

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